Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Well we had a good week. On Wednesday night Sister Beynon called inviting us to their house for a thanksgiving lunch which was great. We had turkey which I have never had in my entire mission along with stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and what I porbably liked the most pumpkin pie. i guess all of that I havnt ever had here on my mission but it was great. I wish I would have got picture to upload but I havent got it from the President yet. But going into our weekeng things were going well. But upon the arrival of Sunday things didnt go as we had hoped. But that does always happen sometimes. But this week we have been working a lot more to build a teaching group. We have decided to work in another part of our area so we dont know the area to well but there are quite a few members who live ther and we hope to have success with them.
Today we had a multi-zone activity which went well. The same one I plan a put together every trasnfer. It went well we had almost 70 missionaries there. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, its crazy to think that I will only go to one more.
But I guess I really dont have to much to write this week but I got the updats from home. Congratulations for everyone. I love you and miss you all!