Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Well I had a good Christmas I enjoyed calling you and talking for a while. The rest of my Christmas went well. Nothing to esciting though. We had a dinner apointment with a ward family which went well. But as I said nothing to exciting. But our weekend went well we had lots to do. My companion and I were very happy to see our recent convert, Valdomiro who was baptized last week receive the priesthood. He is a great convert, yesterday we were workign near his house finding new investigators and we ran into him and he invited all his friends who were nearby. He bore his testimony and invited each of them to visit church sunday. Sadly none of them took up on his offer but it was great to see him with the desire. As all the first second third or fourth person that we invite might not go maybe not even the fiftieth. But I know by my own experience that the Lord is preparing people to recieve our invitation and I don´t just mean the invitation as a missionary.

But this week has been coming along well. Yesterday we received seven new missionaries, four Brazilians and three Americans. They are all super excited, and one of them, Elder Godinho spent the night with us and helped us out in our area. Tommorow we will get two more Americans which will be good. So that´s how I will spend my New Years Eve, picking up Elders and the airport. But maybe that´s not a bad thing cause working wouldnt be to easy with the parties. But the picture above is a picture of the new staff. The assistants Elder R.Marinho, Elder Shawcroft, President Beynon, ME! and Elder Silva.

But we have had a pretty good week. I have been busy but I have been enjoying myself. I heard that Maria and Rayssa a few recent converts of mine spoke in church on Sunday which made me happy. It is always great to hear about the progress of my converts. But I love you and miss you all!