Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Week... Cake and a New Companion

Well my week went pretty well. Last week things got pretty rushed in the end with a few things going on here in the mission. As for the weekend it went well. We had an activity that we put on for our ward. The activity was called Rei do Bolo which in english is the Cake King. It went well, I would have liked more in attendance but that is always tuff. The activity went like this... Men in the ward were asked to make a cake and then we had a judging panel made of recent converts to see which cake was the best and who was the cake king. As part of the activity we gave a training or message, which went well. We taught those who were there about the importance of sharing the gospel and to present it to those we know. We showed them an important aspect using the cake. When we are presenting the gospel to others we cant just throw it at them in any random way. Just as a cake the presentation of the cake is important. Although a cake me be delicious if it doesnt look good few will desire to get a taste. If the gospel is delicious to us we must let others know because they dont know how good it really is. The sad thing is that to many the gospel doesnt look so delicious. People say it isnt good and because of that few want to taste for themselves. We must present the gospel to our firends showing them really why the gospel is so delicious and fulfilling to us. If we think of it this way it is a lot easier to understand. If you always eat the same cake and somebody asks you why, what would your response be? Oh I always eat this cate cause its delicious. The same thing could happen with the gospel, but it doesnt. I wish everyone would come up and ask members of the church why do you go to church every sunday, why do you do all that "Mormon" stuff. If it worked like that things would be a lot easier, but we must be the ones who go out of our way to tell them about the best cake out there. I know that at times to others the gopel of Jesus Christ doesnt look the best or the most delicious. But I know that it is, there is nothing better. There isnt a better cake and nor is there anything better that we can partake in our lives.
Here is a picture of the Cake King, Brother Gerilo.

As fot the rest of the week things have been going well. I am going to have a new companion. Well I sort of already do. Elder Silva was called to be the new housing secretary. This week he´ll be getting trained and then at the end of the week Elder Amorim will leave. I am excited and so is he; Elder Silva is from Parana and has about 15 months here on his mission. He was actually in one of the old areas, Jacintinho. He has a couple of people he was teaching there so today or tommorow we´ll head back to see them and also help the elders who are currently there. They have been teaching the family of Rayssa which is one of my recent converts there. Im not sure if you remember her but she was one of two young women that I baptized there that are really firm and absolutely love the church. We´ll se if we can help some of them get baptized this week. Here is a picture of Elder Silva. Its not the best picture, it is the one the we use for his Transfer Board here in the office, I had it here on the computer.

But things are going well and I am happy and I cant believe another transfer is about to end. Nor can I believe this weekend will be conferance again but I am definately excited for that. I love you all.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

a BIG week

I am not quite sure where to start this week out. This has probably been the most jam packed week of my entire mission, and I loved every second of it.

As we finished out last week things went rather well. Things in the office were going smoothly and things out in the field were coming along great. Adrianna´s family was prepared for there baptism and also quite excited. An as for Isabella and Ronaldo´s family, they were excited for their wedding on Saturday and also for there baptism that was marked for the 26th.

So lets move onto Saturday, first off, I worked 17 hours on Saturday. I don´t plan on doing that again anytime soon, it was a long but rewarding day. So we woke up at about 4:30 to get ready and then left at 5:00am for Ronaldo and Isabella´s wedding. (There wedding was a free/group wedding put on by the state.) Then by six we arrived at the school where they did the wedding. We got there at six to wait in a huge line, then finally at about 11:00 it was our turn. First of all they filled out a form then we waited in another line this time for just three hours. They then entered the information into there government system. After that luckily there was only one more line which only took about thirty minutes. So we finished all that up by about 2:00pm. Then we had to wait till 5:00 when they started the ceremony.

A member brought us lunch and while we were eating and talking to our investigators things really got rushed. Isabella was telling us how great the day was, she said she had always dreamed of being married but had assumed it would stay that way just a dream. Then to make it even better she said she had also always dreamed of being baptized one day because previous to our teaching she knew of it´s importance. They both made the comment that they would love to be baptized and married on the same day. So they asked and we put people into action.

We finished up the wedding then rushed home to get things all set in place for the baptism of Adrianna and Isabella´s families. We got our entire district and mission staff to help us out. The assistants got some baptismal clothes who were then picked up by the President who wanted to be there for our baptism. A few members of our district got down to the church to get the font ready and also the chairs set-up. As for our district leader and companion, they went to Isabella´s house with Ronaldo and Isabella to help them get ready and also do there interview. We ran home to get our stuff and then met up on the way with Adrianna´s family for their baptism.

So finally everyone got to church with a few of the ward leaders. Things were rushed but luckily everything went well with all eight baptisms; Isabella, Ronaldo, Adrianna, Dayane, Vitor, Erimarcos, Erimax, and Valdomiro. It was a great baptism and we could really see the hand of the Lord in our work, especially on Saturday, there is no way we could have done any of that alone.

Moving on now, Sunday went well; we had a little party at Isabella´s to celebrate her wedding and her baptism. Monday and Tuesday went well as well. A lot of things that we got done in the office.

Then Yesterday, Wednesday, was another big day. We ended up going to Viçosa. I visited a few of my recent converts and friends there but the big part of the day was a hike to the waterfall called “two brothers”. Yesterday made me really see how much I miss hiking, camping, swimming, and exploring. So we took a trail that then met up with the train tacks then we followed them along side the river till we arrived at the waterfall. I´m not sure how far the hike was but it I think it was about an hour and half. The waterfall was cool and so was the hike. A lot of the hike had shade because of trees which made is great. I would explain more but the pictures explain a lot better.

But I guess that was my week. It was a good one. I enjoyed it a lot and then today went well here in the office. But I love you and miss you all.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Office, Isabella and Adrianna

Well yet again I had another busy yet great week. I have been enjoying our work greatly both in and out of the office. So at the end of last week things went well. Nothing to crazy going on in the office. A whole bunch of stuff to go through for our mission cell phones, and also a few mission calls for some of the branchs of our mission. Im sure that just sounds super esciting.
Oh yeah in addition my P-day last week was on thursday but I wrote on Wednesday. But on Thursday I went with a bunch of other missionaries to go paintballing. I tried to get some pictures to put up but the missionary who took them didnt send them to me. Maybe next week.
But our weekend went quite well. We took eight investigators to church which was one more than last week so that was good. We took the entire family of Isabella and Ronaldo along with the entire family of Adrianna. These two families are coming along great. In the past I never really said much about people that I was teaching, so i want to do a little better with that.
Isabella is a great miracle for us. Everytime we go to her house she has another testimon growing experience to share. The first time she saw us she said she felt something different. When I first spoke to her she knew that difference. She sais that when we first talked to her she felt like her prayers of long searching had been answered. Like God had finally heard her prayers and that he had taken her out of the line of 4,500 people straight to the front. Isabelle has suffered alot in her life and her financial situation still is tuff.
Her family anlong with the family of Adrianna have both been keeping the Word of Wisdom and they are seeing great blessings in their lives because of this. I am so grateful to the Lord that he is blessing them that they can get the testimony they need to stay firm keeping this commandment. The two families say that they have noticed a great increase in abilty to sleep at night and also just all around better health. The two had coffee addictions along with occasional drinking, mostly on Ronaldo´s part.
But we are greatly blessed to be teaching these two families. They greatest thing of all is that I know these are pure blessings from a loving Heavenly Father. We dont have much time to work but the process of their conversion is going along perfect. If the process continues like it is, Adrianna´s family will be baptized Saturday. Isabella will get married this Saturday and then bpatized the following week.
 I continuely pray for guidance and success with our investigators. To finish of the update, today we had an activity at the mission home which went well. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. But congratulations to Adam and I will always keep him and all of you in my prayers. Untill next week I love you and miss you all.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sites, Newsletters, Blitz, and Conferences

Well I have had a pretty busy week, which seems to be getting more normal. But lets begin with the weekend. At the end of last week I was working alot on getting our missions site up and also I worked alot on our missions newsletter which turned out well.
Then we finally got some time to get out and work on Saturday which was great. But our missionary work really got great when Sunday came. We, once again, didnt have much time to work during the week but we were wtill greatly blessed. On sunday we took a complete family to church and almost another complete family. The family which didnt all go we had only met them the day before church and we didnt get a chance to know the father but he is excited to go this next week and they all excepted the invitation to be baptized. We are excited for all of our investigators that went to church. It´s funny for me to think about my last area. We worked so hard to get just one or two people to church. Then I get here we have two back to back weeks that we only got to work for six hours and we took six to church both weeks. I think as I also said last week I dont really know how it happens.
But this weeks start has been a busy one also. On monday we got everything ready for conferences this week. Then yesterday we had our first of three zone conferances. Our first was on tuesday held in São Miguel an interior city of Alagoas. This week they are holding an open house for the new chapel that will be dedicated this week. The conferance went well but the cool part was the blitz that we did in the city following the conferance. All fifty missionaries there left with 100 invitations each to invite the city to go to the week´s events. It was exciting, they are going to baptize a ton this transfer.
Then today we had another conferance which went well. This one was here in Maceió. It was a bit more normal. Then on Friday our conferance in Sergipe will be held.
But things are going well, as I mentioned I have been real busy. But I love the people we are teaching they are all progressing well. Last night we visited Adranna and her family. We taught them about the Word of Wisdom and they accpted our challenge to keep the commandment. With their acceptance to our challenge we also took all of the coffee that they had at their house. I am excited for them. Adranna is a mom of six kids who is seperated from her husband so she lives alone. We are quite excited and happy for her and her family.
In addition HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Erin, happy 18th birthday!
But I guess that was my week im not sure if I mentioned about our Mission´s website/blog that I did but here is the link for it English and then portuguese. But I love you and miss you all.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Busy Week

2 September 2009

Well I have had a pretty good week. We have been quite busy, our mission received the visit from one of the Chruch´s medics, Elder Brinton. I guess a long time ago they lived in our stake. I guess in that general area where the timothys live. They said the lived at thunderbird and the freeway, im not sure what side though. But we had a clinic here in the office then he gave a training at our Zone Councel. So as I just mentioned this last week we had Zone Councel also. It went well, it was a bit different now as a secretary then it was as a Zone Leader. But I am getting used to the change. Then today we had a huge activity that I plannes here in Maceió with almost 80 of our missionaries. It went well we played some soccer, football, ate some food, and watched a few disney movies which was fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy it!

I have been working on a few new things for our mission which I am excited for. First of all I have been workig on a mission newspaper or I guess it would be better to say a newsletter which we have decided to call "O Farol" which means in english "The Lighthouse". We have chosen this name because of our missions theme which is 3 Nefi 12:16. Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works, and so on. Also as part of the newsletter I have launched a new mission website as part of "O Farol". Here is the link to the site. I have also launched a site in Portuguese but this link is just the one in English, generaly they will have the same information.

But I have had a great week though. I have really seen the hand of the lord in=2 0our work, in our area, and also in the lives of those we are teacing. We do not have a lot of time to do missionary work but the Lord has blessed us richley because of our sacrifice. In the short time here I have seen so many miracles. I saw similar things when I was a Zone Leader. There were somedays that we had almost no time to do our work but I know for the lord anytime is plenty. He will always bless us when we make sacrifices for him and for his children. Sometimes I think to myself how will I get all my work done in the short time I have but I promise for the Lord anything is possible. During a full day of work if we manage to get 8 or more new investigators we did well. The standard of escellence for our mission or the bar of our mission is 30 new investigators per week. Which makes that about 6 per day. Well this last week we were rerally blessed on a day we only had an hour and a half to work. The loard blessed us with the ability to go to all our appointments and also find 13 new investigators in that short time. Things like this I could not explain, there are days on my mission that I try hard to find that many people and if I try hard enough I can pull it off but given to the small time we had there is not explanation. That is no explanation without the hand of the Lord in our work. Not only did he bless us with just 13 new investigators but it was that night that we met the six people who visited the church with us last week. I know that no sacrifice is to large because according to our sacrifices we are blessed. The Lord Jesus Christ showed the greatest sacrifice of all and not only is he eternaly blessed but his whole family also.

I cannot believe at how fast my mission has went by and how much I have learned and how my testimony has grown. I hope all of you are doing well cause I am doing great. I miss you all and love you all too. I did recieve a letter from Dad and also another from Grandma and Grandpa thank you very much for them. I always enjoy getting letters... hint hint... Until next week.

Zone Council

My Week

28 Agosto 2009

Well this week I wrote a little bit later but things are going well. I have a had a but of a different week. Things are still going well though.

On Sunday I recieved a call from President Beynon, he has called me as the executive secretary. So on monday I left Arapiraca for the mission office. Things as I said are going well.

Before I left Arapiraca, on sunday morning we had a baptism that went well. It was the baptism of Williams the brother of Bruna, who we baptized last week.

I was a bit sad to leave Arapiraca which I liked a lot, but now I will be in for some new experiences. This week I have been being trained by the current secretary. We´ll see how things go after this week when he´s gone out of the office and I am doing things alone. Im sure it will be a good learning experience for me.

But I am doing very well, I love you all and I miss you too.


21 August 2009

Well this week I wrote a little bit later but things are going well. I have a had a but of a different week. Things are still going well though.

On Sunday I recieved a call from President Beynon, he has called me as the executive secretary. So on monday I left Arapiraca for the mission office in Maceio. Things as I said are going well.

Before I left Arapiraca, on sunday morning we had a baptism that went well. It was the baptism of Williams the brother of Bruna, who we baptized last week.

I was a bit sad to leave Arapiraca which I liked a lot, but now I will be in for some new experiences. This week I have been being trained by the current secretary. We´ll see how things go after this week when he´s gone out of the office and I am doing things alone. Im sure it will be a good learning experience for me.

But I am doing very well, I love you all and I miss you too.

My Week and Bruna´s Baptism

12 August 2009

How is everyone doing, I am doing well, I am finally getting better after being sick for a while. First of all this last week we had a baptism that went well. Bruna was baptized, she is the neice of a firm member family. I attached a picture of the baptism for you all to see.

As I said though I am doing pretty good. This wek has been busy with lots of divisions. Last week shortly after I last wrote we began a division with the assistents then we did a division on friday night to get interviews done. On monday we had a division and tuesday another with a few missionaries from our Zone. They all went well, I enjoyed the all.

As I said we had the baptism which went well, Bruna as super excited we are working with her whle family, we[ll see how things go. Her parents wee riased in the interior, or in other words they were raised qute isolated so they have a bit of a different way of life. But we arent giving up on them.

Not so great but a friends grandma died in Vi;osa this last week. Actually someone that I spent sme time with when I was there. In addition one of our investigators father passed away. And also a members father passed away too. In addition a girl here in Arapiraca died from what they belive to be the swine flu but as far as I have heard they havnt confirmed it. Im not sure if I believe it or not.

But this week should be busy too Elder Frank is here visiting me and also tommorow is interviews with te president Im sure they go well. I love you and miss you all.

My Week

5 August 2009

Well once again i had a pretty good week. As I said in my last e-mail we had a wedding last week. So things went all perfectly this last weekend and we had their baptism. I have already said alot about them but thingswent really well with their conversion. I attached their photo as normal.

As for this weeks start I sepnt my time in Penedo which is a small city not to far from here. The home of a branch of 160 active members and six missionaires. So I did a few exchanges there and they went well. I had a chanve to work with my son Elder Manning yesterday which was nice to see how he is improving on his mission. Not to much to talk about this week though. As I said we had the baptism which went well and then these exchanges.

It was a pretty fast week, time just flew by but I hope you all have a great week I love you and miss you all!

Till Death do you Part

29 Julho 2009

Well once again I had a pretty busy week but I enjoyed it a lot.

To finish of last week we had Zone Conferance which went well. It was Elder Frank´s exit testimony. It was cool to be there to hear that.

Then this monday and tuesday I did a division with Elder Roberts a missionary from Mesa. It went well except for the fact that he woke on tuesday pretty sick.

But the biggest news of the week happened this morning. We had a wedding. This morning we married the parents of Carol and Maria who were baptized on the 4th of July. Carlos and Lucia have been living together for over twenty years, and as of this morning at nine they are officially married. We are super excited for them. I started working with them with my last companion, Elder Vasque. As I mentioned we are super excited for them. It wasnt the cheapest but we are still happy to help them make this great choice in their lives. I have seen a great change in there family these past few weeks. When we first entered the home Carlos would always quickly leave. In addition we didnt ever see hom communicating much with his family. This week has been great with them. We finally got the date marked with the government for their wedding then it came time to present the date to them. The already agreed to get married but to get them to accept the date was another obstacle. It was great when we went to present the date cause Carlos got up the courage to actually ask her to marry him. In additon Carlos has been out of work for over three months and this week he finally got some work which is a great blessing fo the family. He works in construction and we were very happy to see him find work. He is convinced he is being blessed for the great things he will be doing this week, and I dont doubt it. I attached a few pictures of this morning. If everything works out right they will be baptized this Staurday. I will let you all know how this weekend goes next week. Now we are going to get them excited to get to the temple.

But we are all doing well. The Stake President backed out on the division. He sent a request to rebuild the building here in our area. He thought it was denied so he started to work with us and the area seventies to get the ward devided but he backed out because the reform was accepted for the church building. We are happy that the church will be getting reformed. We desired the division of the ward because we believe it would help the growth of the church better giving many unutilized members a chance to serve. But he calls the shots, we are happy either way i guess.

Well I love you all and miss you all I hope you all have a great week!