Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sites, Newsletters, Blitz, and Conferences

Well I have had a pretty busy week, which seems to be getting more normal. But lets begin with the weekend. At the end of last week I was working alot on getting our missions site up and also I worked alot on our missions newsletter which turned out well.
Then we finally got some time to get out and work on Saturday which was great. But our missionary work really got great when Sunday came. We, once again, didnt have much time to work during the week but we were wtill greatly blessed. On sunday we took a complete family to church and almost another complete family. The family which didnt all go we had only met them the day before church and we didnt get a chance to know the father but he is excited to go this next week and they all excepted the invitation to be baptized. We are excited for all of our investigators that went to church. It´s funny for me to think about my last area. We worked so hard to get just one or two people to church. Then I get here we have two back to back weeks that we only got to work for six hours and we took six to church both weeks. I think as I also said last week I dont really know how it happens.
But this weeks start has been a busy one also. On monday we got everything ready for conferences this week. Then yesterday we had our first of three zone conferances. Our first was on tuesday held in São Miguel an interior city of Alagoas. This week they are holding an open house for the new chapel that will be dedicated this week. The conferance went well but the cool part was the blitz that we did in the city following the conferance. All fifty missionaries there left with 100 invitations each to invite the city to go to the week´s events. It was exciting, they are going to baptize a ton this transfer.
Then today we had another conferance which went well. This one was here in Maceió. It was a bit more normal. Then on Friday our conferance in Sergipe will be held.
But things are going well, as I mentioned I have been real busy. But I love the people we are teaching they are all progressing well. Last night we visited Adranna and her family. We taught them about the Word of Wisdom and they accpted our challenge to keep the commandment. With their acceptance to our challenge we also took all of the coffee that they had at their house. I am excited for them. Adranna is a mom of six kids who is seperated from her husband so she lives alone. We are quite excited and happy for her and her family.
In addition HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Erin, happy 18th birthday!
But I guess that was my week im not sure if I mentioned about our Mission´s website/blog that I did but here is the link for it English and then portuguese. But I love you and miss you all.