Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Week... Cake and a New Companion

Well my week went pretty well. Last week things got pretty rushed in the end with a few things going on here in the mission. As for the weekend it went well. We had an activity that we put on for our ward. The activity was called Rei do Bolo which in english is the Cake King. It went well, I would have liked more in attendance but that is always tuff. The activity went like this... Men in the ward were asked to make a cake and then we had a judging panel made of recent converts to see which cake was the best and who was the cake king. As part of the activity we gave a training or message, which went well. We taught those who were there about the importance of sharing the gospel and to present it to those we know. We showed them an important aspect using the cake. When we are presenting the gospel to others we cant just throw it at them in any random way. Just as a cake the presentation of the cake is important. Although a cake me be delicious if it doesnt look good few will desire to get a taste. If the gospel is delicious to us we must let others know because they dont know how good it really is. The sad thing is that to many the gospel doesnt look so delicious. People say it isnt good and because of that few want to taste for themselves. We must present the gospel to our firends showing them really why the gospel is so delicious and fulfilling to us. If we think of it this way it is a lot easier to understand. If you always eat the same cake and somebody asks you why, what would your response be? Oh I always eat this cate cause its delicious. The same thing could happen with the gospel, but it doesnt. I wish everyone would come up and ask members of the church why do you go to church every sunday, why do you do all that "Mormon" stuff. If it worked like that things would be a lot easier, but we must be the ones who go out of our way to tell them about the best cake out there. I know that at times to others the gopel of Jesus Christ doesnt look the best or the most delicious. But I know that it is, there is nothing better. There isnt a better cake and nor is there anything better that we can partake in our lives.
Here is a picture of the Cake King, Brother Gerilo.

As fot the rest of the week things have been going well. I am going to have a new companion. Well I sort of already do. Elder Silva was called to be the new housing secretary. This week he´ll be getting trained and then at the end of the week Elder Amorim will leave. I am excited and so is he; Elder Silva is from Parana and has about 15 months here on his mission. He was actually in one of the old areas, Jacintinho. He has a couple of people he was teaching there so today or tommorow we´ll head back to see them and also help the elders who are currently there. They have been teaching the family of Rayssa which is one of my recent converts there. Im not sure if you remember her but she was one of two young women that I baptized there that are really firm and absolutely love the church. We´ll se if we can help some of them get baptized this week. Here is a picture of Elder Silva. Its not the best picture, it is the one the we use for his Transfer Board here in the office, I had it here on the computer.

But things are going well and I am happy and I cant believe another transfer is about to end. Nor can I believe this weekend will be conferance again but I am definately excited for that. I love you all.