Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Office, Isabella and Adrianna

Well yet again I had another busy yet great week. I have been enjoying our work greatly both in and out of the office. So at the end of last week things went well. Nothing to crazy going on in the office. A whole bunch of stuff to go through for our mission cell phones, and also a few mission calls for some of the branchs of our mission. Im sure that just sounds super esciting.
Oh yeah in addition my P-day last week was on thursday but I wrote on Wednesday. But on Thursday I went with a bunch of other missionaries to go paintballing. I tried to get some pictures to put up but the missionary who took them didnt send them to me. Maybe next week.
But our weekend went quite well. We took eight investigators to church which was one more than last week so that was good. We took the entire family of Isabella and Ronaldo along with the entire family of Adrianna. These two families are coming along great. In the past I never really said much about people that I was teaching, so i want to do a little better with that.
Isabella is a great miracle for us. Everytime we go to her house she has another testimon growing experience to share. The first time she saw us she said she felt something different. When I first spoke to her she knew that difference. She sais that when we first talked to her she felt like her prayers of long searching had been answered. Like God had finally heard her prayers and that he had taken her out of the line of 4,500 people straight to the front. Isabelle has suffered alot in her life and her financial situation still is tuff.
Her family anlong with the family of Adrianna have both been keeping the Word of Wisdom and they are seeing great blessings in their lives because of this. I am so grateful to the Lord that he is blessing them that they can get the testimony they need to stay firm keeping this commandment. The two families say that they have noticed a great increase in abilty to sleep at night and also just all around better health. The two had coffee addictions along with occasional drinking, mostly on Ronaldo´s part.
But we are greatly blessed to be teaching these two families. They greatest thing of all is that I know these are pure blessings from a loving Heavenly Father. We dont have much time to work but the process of their conversion is going along perfect. If the process continues like it is, Adrianna´s family will be baptized Saturday. Isabella will get married this Saturday and then bpatized the following week.
 I continuely pray for guidance and success with our investigators. To finish of the update, today we had an activity at the mission home which went well. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. But congratulations to Adam and I will always keep him and all of you in my prayers. Untill next week I love you and miss you all.