Friday, September 4, 2009

My Busy Week

2 September 2009

Well I have had a pretty good week. We have been quite busy, our mission received the visit from one of the Chruch´s medics, Elder Brinton. I guess a long time ago they lived in our stake. I guess in that general area where the timothys live. They said the lived at thunderbird and the freeway, im not sure what side though. But we had a clinic here in the office then he gave a training at our Zone Councel. So as I just mentioned this last week we had Zone Councel also. It went well, it was a bit different now as a secretary then it was as a Zone Leader. But I am getting used to the change. Then today we had a huge activity that I plannes here in Maceió with almost 80 of our missionaries. It went well we played some soccer, football, ate some food, and watched a few disney movies which was fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy it!

I have been working on a few new things for our mission which I am excited for. First of all I have been workig on a mission newspaper or I guess it would be better to say a newsletter which we have decided to call "O Farol" which means in english "The Lighthouse". We have chosen this name because of our missions theme which is 3 Nefi 12:16. Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works, and so on. Also as part of the newsletter I have launched a new mission website as part of "O Farol". Here is the link to the site. I have also launched a site in Portuguese but this link is just the one in English, generaly they will have the same information.

But I have had a great week though. I have really seen the hand of the lord in=2 0our work, in our area, and also in the lives of those we are teacing. We do not have a lot of time to do missionary work but the Lord has blessed us richley because of our sacrifice. In the short time here I have seen so many miracles. I saw similar things when I was a Zone Leader. There were somedays that we had almost no time to do our work but I know for the lord anytime is plenty. He will always bless us when we make sacrifices for him and for his children. Sometimes I think to myself how will I get all my work done in the short time I have but I promise for the Lord anything is possible. During a full day of work if we manage to get 8 or more new investigators we did well. The standard of escellence for our mission or the bar of our mission is 30 new investigators per week. Which makes that about 6 per day. Well this last week we were rerally blessed on a day we only had an hour and a half to work. The loard blessed us with the ability to go to all our appointments and also find 13 new investigators in that short time. Things like this I could not explain, there are days on my mission that I try hard to find that many people and if I try hard enough I can pull it off but given to the small time we had there is not explanation. That is no explanation without the hand of the Lord in our work. Not only did he bless us with just 13 new investigators but it was that night that we met the six people who visited the church with us last week. I know that no sacrifice is to large because according to our sacrifices we are blessed. The Lord Jesus Christ showed the greatest sacrifice of all and not only is he eternaly blessed but his whole family also.

I cannot believe at how fast my mission has went by and how much I have learned and how my testimony has grown. I hope all of you are doing well cause I am doing great. I miss you all and love you all too. I did recieve a letter from Dad and also another from Grandma and Grandpa thank you very much for them. I always enjoy getting letters... hint hint... Until next week.

Zone Council