Friday, September 4, 2009


21 August 2009

Well this week I wrote a little bit later but things are going well. I have a had a but of a different week. Things are still going well though.

On Sunday I recieved a call from President Beynon, he has called me as the executive secretary. So on monday I left Arapiraca for the mission office in Maceio. Things as I said are going well.

Before I left Arapiraca, on sunday morning we had a baptism that went well. It was the baptism of Williams the brother of Bruna, who we baptized last week.

I was a bit sad to leave Arapiraca which I liked a lot, but now I will be in for some new experiences. This week I have been being trained by the current secretary. We´ll see how things go after this week when he´s gone out of the office and I am doing things alone. Im sure it will be a good learning experience for me.

But I am doing very well, I love you all and I miss you too.