Friday, September 4, 2009

My Week and Bruna´s Baptism

12 August 2009

How is everyone doing, I am doing well, I am finally getting better after being sick for a while. First of all this last week we had a baptism that went well. Bruna was baptized, she is the neice of a firm member family. I attached a picture of the baptism for you all to see.

As I said though I am doing pretty good. This wek has been busy with lots of divisions. Last week shortly after I last wrote we began a division with the assistents then we did a division on friday night to get interviews done. On monday we had a division and tuesday another with a few missionaries from our Zone. They all went well, I enjoyed the all.

As I said we had the baptism which went well, Bruna as super excited we are working with her whle family, we[ll see how things go. Her parents wee riased in the interior, or in other words they were raised qute isolated so they have a bit of a different way of life. But we arent giving up on them.

Not so great but a friends grandma died in Vi;osa this last week. Actually someone that I spent sme time with when I was there. In addition one of our investigators father passed away. And also a members father passed away too. In addition a girl here in Arapiraca died from what they belive to be the swine flu but as far as I have heard they havnt confirmed it. Im not sure if I believe it or not.

But this week should be busy too Elder Frank is here visiting me and also tommorow is interviews with te president Im sure they go well. I love you and miss you all.