Friday, September 4, 2009

My Week

5 August 2009

Well once again i had a pretty good week. As I said in my last e-mail we had a wedding last week. So things went all perfectly this last weekend and we had their baptism. I have already said alot about them but thingswent really well with their conversion. I attached their photo as normal.

As for this weeks start I sepnt my time in Penedo which is a small city not to far from here. The home of a branch of 160 active members and six missionaires. So I did a few exchanges there and they went well. I had a chanve to work with my son Elder Manning yesterday which was nice to see how he is improving on his mission. Not to much to talk about this week though. As I said we had the baptism which went well and then these exchanges.

It was a pretty fast week, time just flew by but I hope you all have a great week I love you and miss you all!