Friday, September 4, 2009

Till Death do you Part

29 Julho 2009

Well once again I had a pretty busy week but I enjoyed it a lot.

To finish of last week we had Zone Conferance which went well. It was Elder Frank´s exit testimony. It was cool to be there to hear that.

Then this monday and tuesday I did a division with Elder Roberts a missionary from Mesa. It went well except for the fact that he woke on tuesday pretty sick.

But the biggest news of the week happened this morning. We had a wedding. This morning we married the parents of Carol and Maria who were baptized on the 4th of July. Carlos and Lucia have been living together for over twenty years, and as of this morning at nine they are officially married. We are super excited for them. I started working with them with my last companion, Elder Vasque. As I mentioned we are super excited for them. It wasnt the cheapest but we are still happy to help them make this great choice in their lives. I have seen a great change in there family these past few weeks. When we first entered the home Carlos would always quickly leave. In addition we didnt ever see hom communicating much with his family. This week has been great with them. We finally got the date marked with the government for their wedding then it came time to present the date to them. The already agreed to get married but to get them to accept the date was another obstacle. It was great when we went to present the date cause Carlos got up the courage to actually ask her to marry him. In additon Carlos has been out of work for over three months and this week he finally got some work which is a great blessing fo the family. He works in construction and we were very happy to see him find work. He is convinced he is being blessed for the great things he will be doing this week, and I dont doubt it. I attached a few pictures of this morning. If everything works out right they will be baptized this Staurday. I will let you all know how this weekend goes next week. Now we are going to get them excited to get to the temple.

But we are all doing well. The Stake President backed out on the division. He sent a request to rebuild the building here in our area. He thought it was denied so he started to work with us and the area seventies to get the ward devided but he backed out because the reform was accepted for the church building. We are happy that the church will be getting reformed. We desired the division of the ward because we believe it would help the growth of the church better giving many unutilized members a chance to serve. But he calls the shots, we are happy either way i guess.

Well I love you all and miss you all I hope you all have a great week!