Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well I have had a busy few weeks, we have had lots of things going on. So this last week we had our Christmas Parties/Zone Conferances. So we had lots of things going on before hand to get everything ready which kept me pretty busy. But this past wednesday is was held here in Maceio. Prior ro lunch we had the more spiritual portion of the conferance and then after a BBQ we held a talent show which was really more of skits. But it was fun and we enjoyed it. Then on this past Thursday I went to Sergipe along with my companion and the assistants for the conferance which was held there. Then on Friday we had the conferance which was held ther and it was the same as here in Maceio. I enjoyed it and I also took advantage to visit a few people from my first area which is there in Sergipe. Overall it was a busy but fun weekend. Then to move on this past weekend went well. We had a Stake Conferance but it was more of a region Conferance. President Eyring and Elder Scott along with Sister Beck were here in Recife, and they transmitted the conferance to the entire north east of Brazil. It was quite enjoyable. I didnt get a chance to watch the Sessions on Saturday but I heard they were great. I didnt know that Sister Beck (General Releif Society President) spoke portuguese and she speaks it well.
But as for this week we have also been busy we are workign really hard with a family who has now been to church for a few weeks. Brother Valdomiro is the best of the family he a the father and a sixty-year-old man who was prepared by the Lord. We are also working with the rest of his family but they are not quite a well prepared as he is. Along with the work in the field things have been busy here in the office too.

But we are geeting excited for Christmas and I am excited to get to call home, it is a bit crazy to think that it will be my last call home. But I love you and miss you all!