Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well I have had a pretty good week, acutall since I didnt update last week, I have had a good two weeks. First of all lets talk about some fun I have been having. Well on the 6th we had a multi-zone activity which went well. We had over 70 missionaries and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Then on the seventh well that was my Birthday woo hoo! In the morning President and Sister Beynon came into the office with a carrot cake that Sister Beynon made with 21 candles which was fun. Then Elder and Sister Hansen gave me a present which was nice. For my birthday night I went to Jacintinho one of my old areas and visited a few recent converts of mine and had a family night with them which was fun. They gave me a tie which was also nice. Then to finish up the night just as we were leaving One of the elders that lives with us called em and said that his companion got a bloddy nose and had passed out on the floor and didnt know what to do and knowing that I had first aid training said I shoudl hurry home to help. But once I got there it was all a joke and surprise for em for my Birthday which was lots of fun. They got a bunch of Soda and pizza. Then today we had an activity with a few other Elders where we watched some Disney movies and played a brazilian version on risk.
So that is the fun but morre importantly lets talk about our work. It has been going great. Two Sundays ago we were really blessed during the week but we really saw the magnitude of those blessings when we had 8 investigators at church whish is awesome. We took two twins he are young adults and are truly an elect. Twelve years ago missionaries tought them and also gave them a Book of Mormon. Recntly they begain reading the book of Mormon again. And that is when we found them, and they are excited. We got a bit down when they didnt make it to church last Sunday but they are doing well and they are excited to mkae changes to get out of the world. We also have been working a lot with the family of our last baptism, Valdomiro. Things are coming along, slowly, but they are still coming along. I am not sure if I will be able to see them baptized before I go home but I trurt that with time they will make the decision that they know they need to make. I believe that laziness is what is preventing them from being baptized.
Next we are teaching a young adult woman who lives in our apartment building and everything is going well with her. She is going through a bit of a tough time in here life. She has realized how far of the path or how far into the world she has gotten herself. And she says that shes not sure if she can get herself out but knows and trusts that with the help of the Lord she can return to do whats right. She told us last night that sometimes when finds herself crying at parties that she goes to with her friends realizing all she is doing that she shouldnt. We are workinghard with her and we are close to marking her baptism. It will be a bit of a change but she can do it. She is truly blessed she has felt the difference in here life, she has felt the missing happiness that comes from the gospel and she said she sees that happinessin us and other church members. Recently she prayed and recieved a response to her prayers which will make a huge difference in her progress. But we are praying that everything moves smoothly with her baptism.
But things are going well today I am a bit nervous cause I will bear my exit testimony tommorow. I wish i could write it down and just read it like it did when I was a bit younger but I have learned that a testiomny doesnt really work that way. But I love you and miss you all!