Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Good Week

Well I had another good week. Into the weekend things went well, nothing to serious went on it was pretty clam. On Friday the staff had interviews with the President as usual which went well. We had a great interview and we decided to as an office staff do a reading of the Book of Mormon. From now till the year´s end we are going to read Mosiah and Alma. We are in the office four days a week so that will be four days a week about ten pages per day. I am escited to do the reading, I love those two books, they are full of missionary experiences.
On Sunday we had a great sacrament meeting and Sunday school and Primary. President Beynon, Sister Beynon, and my companion Elder Silva spoke on sunday. I enjoyed President Beynon´s talk on the Book of Mormon. He had a whole bunch of books that he showed that all teach worthy and needful things, but none of them even come close to what we can find in the few pages of the Book of Mormon. Then following Sacrament meeting we along with the President gave a training to the ward. We did a few practices with the members of how we can invite our friends and neighbors to a family night or to receive the missionaries. Then as I said we had a great Primary. Why did we go to Primary? That is where I got my turn to talk, this months theme is service. So I spoke on service focusing on the service of missionary work and how we can invite our friends to come to church to be happy just as we are. It all went well. Then on Sunday night there was a fireside at the church for all of Maceio, specifically the young single adults but everyone was invited. It was a fireside with Elder Araujo of the seventy. I enjoyed it alot, obviously talking to YSAs he spoke a lot about marriage but he talked about a lot of other things that I enjoyed.
We had a cool experience before the fireside, one of my recent converts was sick and we visited her before the fireside. We decided to give her a blessing so she could get a better and also go to the fireside previously mentioned. After giving hte belssing she said it seems as though the consecrated oil that we annointed her with jst went from her head slowly down to her feet during the blessing curing her along the way. Isabella has such a stong faith. She is most definatley a fighter. Preachmy Gospel teaches that we cannot teach somone beyong our own testimony but I tell you what I wish I had the faith that she has. She is an example to me of how we can truly put the Lord first and put our trust in him.
As for this week it has also been coming along well. Sadly things have not been going wll with some of the missionaries in the mission though. As a part of my work here in the office I work along with Sister Beynon to take care of health in the mission. Elder Azevedo, a new missionary in the mission, had a accident on Sunday morning. While in the bathroom he fell and hit his head and also cut hiself when falling under the chin badly. The part that makes it bad is that he has suffered a bit of Amnesia which is difficult. He is remembering things roughly but we pray for his recovery. It is tuff to see something like this happen all of the sudden. It makes me really realize how fragile our bodies are. It seems as though he will be sent home to recover with his family and we hope upon his recovery he can come back into the mission.

As for today we had a pretty fun P-day! We went and played some paintball which was fun so I am pretty tired. In the end those who still had balls lefts decided to play without guards/shields. I did well and only got hit once but it was a good hit. I wasnt as unlucky as the other when it got down to just him and I. I got him about four times in the chest side and back. As you can see here are a few pictures from today. It was lots of fun and then after that we went home got cleaned up then went to the Chruch to play a little. On the second floor is the Institute, they have ping pong, fusball, air hockey, pool, karaoke, chess and whole buch more.
But ot was a pretty goos week. We are excited for this weekend and the finish of yet another transfer. I love you and miss you all.