Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oxente, this week was a busy one!

This week was a busy one, i´ll tell you what I am exhausted. So as I mentioned last week on a little bit of a sader note we had two missionaries who were sick. Well Thursday one of them was trasnfered to stay in the office with us for a few days, that was Elder Ribeiro. Then on Friday, Elder Azevedo had to go home. I believe I mentioned about him last week he fell and hit his head pretty hard and he losed a lot of his memory. But on the good side he is able to relearn pretty quickly. Along with all that on Friday we also had breakfast at the Presidents house to do a bit of transfer wrap up and also trasnfer planning, it as always went well and tasted great. The only problem it makes me a little homesick everytime we do it cause Sister Beynon always makes Egg Caserole which reminds me of Christmas.
On Saturday we had two baptisms which went well, Edlane and Vinicios. I forgot the pictures so I dont have one to put on. But the baptism went well we had a lot of people in attendance. Following the Baptism ther was a birthday party for Edlane which was fun. She is quite timid and I think the party helped for her to get to know some of the children in the ward.
Then on Sunday it was her sister Mila´s birthday. We had the confirmations at church and we also had a good afternoon but that night we had an interesting experience. We went to Edlane and Mila´s house for a family night where we watched the testaments. During the movie they stopped and told us that one of Mila´s friend´s needed our help. She was in Mila´s room balling and they couldnt figure out why. They asked us to give her a blessing in hopes that she would get better. I slowly enterd the room a little lost as to what we could do but as I sat on the bad talking with he she told us that she was afraid. She felt like something had happened to her family. We gave her a blessing and she quickly calmed and immediately after the blessing her cell phone rang and her family was just fine. I learned a lot that we need not be afraid as to what we are going to do but that we must always be preapred. If we are prepared when the moment comes we will not have a problem. Why she had become so afraid for apparently no reason I am not sure why but I know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us as His children. I know that he recognizes our difficulties and knows how we are feeling. Because he knows these things he will bless us with experiences and challenges that we may learn and grow.
But lets move onto this week. It like that end of last week has been a tuff one. On Monday we had everything going on with The Elders who we going to go home on Tuesday. Along with all that Elder Ribeiro who had been our companion for the weekend was sent home. We had to get up at three to help him get out the door and get to the airport. It was sad to see him go but while we dont understand the Lord´s will and why things happen we can trust that he has a plan and not just a plan but a perfect plan.

At the Airport with all the Missionaries going home.

The Mission Staff - Elder Gonçalves, Elder R.Marinho, Elder Silva, and ME!

The Group of the new missionaries.

The new missionaries and I teaching a family in our area (Teles and Rayanne)
As for Tuesday it got even busier. It was transfers so our phone started ringing at four in the morning and Elders began passing our house at 5:00 to pick-up various things and to leave other things. We had ten missionaries going home and 14 missionaried arriving. So we took all the missionaries to the aiport to send them of then picked up the new missionaries. A few notes of Elders that went home, Elder Veloso one of my companions went home along with Elder Sadleir who has both lived with me and worked on the Staff with me for the past few months as an assistant. But after the airport we went to the mission home for lunch and orientations. Then following the orientations four of the Elders went to our house cause there first areas are in sergipe and they didnt go till today. So last night we took them and worked in our area and it went great. We found 15 new investigators and marked 10 baptisms. It was a fun and great night. I love seeing the excitement of the missionaries. I can see that same escitement in the e-mails from Adam. The only challenge then is to learn how to keep that excitement.
As for today we got up a bit before five to get the four new missionaries to the Bus Station. Then we resolved a few office things and spent sometime downtown at an artists market which was cool. But it was a busy week and I am tired but I loved it. I cannot believe where all my time has went, it is going by so quickly. But I love you and miss you all!