Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Week

Well this has actually been a pretty calm week, nothing to crazy going on. I actually had to think about what I would tell you about this week. Near the end of last week we were excited for Sunday and those we were teaching. They didnt make it to church the week previous but they were excited to go this last Sunday. Sadly they didnt go this week either and they had absolutely no excuse to go. So I know we are going to have to leave them trusting the Lord has prepared others to receive our message.
It´s not all said though, we are working ro reactivate two families and everything is going great with them. Edison, Denise, Milena and Edlane went to church and they are doing great. Edlane is excited for her baptism and birthday on the fourteenth.
Along with their family we have started working with the family of Luciano. He approached us and said I have a problem and I think you can help me. He said my son should have been baptized a long time ago but we haven´t exactly been the most active, but we need to change. They also went to church this last Suday, and last night we had a successful family night. There son is Vinicios, he also has his baptism marked on the fourteenth. Things have been going well with the reactivation of these two familes.
Not to much else is going on in other news. The mission has been doing well as a whole. I have been working these days on a few things for our Christmas and in the process I created a mission logo. These days as I said have been pretty calm here in the office. President Beynon returned from Campinas (near São Paulo) and then went straight into the interviews with the missionaries so he hasnt been in the office much.
But I am doing great I am loving my mission and all the great experiences I am having. This work is truly important and I know that I am being richley blessed. I love you and miss you all.